Singing for the season – together

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MLES Holiday Program features students, audience joining forces as carolers



The Monday, December 11 Mountain Lake Public Elementary School (MLES) Holiday Program theme – “Let Us Sing Together” – highlighted the idea of caroling as a group

The evening in the school’s auditorium and featured the kindergarten through grade five choirs, under the direction of MLES Music Teacher Sarah Tailowright; the sixth-grade choir, led by Martha Standerwick, also a MLES Title I Teacher and the fifth- and sixth-grade bands, directed by Mountain Lake Public School Instrumental Director Kurt Jahnke.

The musical menu included:

+ Kindergarten –

  • “Little Snowflake.”
  • “Jingle, Jingle Little Bell” (“Hello Reindeer”).

+ First Grade –

  • “What’s In That Stocking?,” by Teresa and Paul Jennings.
  • “Winter Wiggles,” by Teresa Jennings.

+ Second Grade –

  • “Il Est Né,” arranged by Karl Hitzemann.
  • “Hip Hop Elves,” by Teresa Jennings.

+ Third Grade –

  • “O Come All Ye Faithful,” arranged by John Riggio.
  • “Ein Lichtlein Brennt,” arranged by Karl Hitzemann.

+ Kindergarten-through Fifth Grade –

  • “Red Bird,” by Teresa Jennings.

+ Fifth Grade Band –

  • “Winter Medley,” arranged by Larry Henry.

+ Sixth Grade Band –

  • “The Nutcracker,” by Tchaikovsky, arranged by Balmages.
  • “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,” arranged by Bob Cotter.

+ Sixth Grade Choir –

  • “The Gift,” by Joyce Eilers.
  • “Cold and Fugue Season,” arranged by Ellen Foncannon.

+ Fourth Grade –

  • “Hark! Hear The Bells,” by Karl Hitzemann.
  • “Like Diamonds in the Night,” by Teresa Jennings.

+ Fifth Grade –

  • “Ding Dong Merrily on High,” arranged by John Riggio.
  • “Ugly Sweater,” by John Riggio.

Special moments of the program came when the guests at the concert combined with the students involved to carol together on some favorite holiday classics, including “Jingle Bells,” “Frosty the Snowman,” “Silent Night,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Deck The Halls!”

Below is a photo gallery from the event:


THESE KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS carefully hold a “Little Snowflake” in their hands. Front, from left, Jayda Louangsaphakdy, Addison Minor, Kevin Sayachack and Anna Harder Schrock. Recognizable at back, Alayna Nelson, left and Makai’ Vannabouathong, center. 


THESE KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS greet Santa’s jingle bell-bedecked reindeer with their own jingle bells in the song “Jingle, Jingle Little Bell” (“Hello Reinder”). Front, Oshane Bent, left and Yesenia Fentanez, rigiht. Middle, Keeley Classen, left and Brynlee James, right. Back, Micah Fast, left and Annabelle Hup, right.


FIRST GRADE STUDENTS ask the VIP (very important question), “What’s In The Stocking?” Front, from left, Angel Fentanez, Bianca Aguirre and Isabel Lucio. Middle, from left, Jonathan Bass, Brandon Baerg and Tryton Khounsanthone. Back, from left, Lucy Penner, Isaiah Junker, Adleigh Olson and Jade Westerman.


LEAH JANZEN, A first-grader, working out her “Winter Wiggles.”


THE SECOND SONG SHARED by second grade students told about a group of “Hip Hop Elves.” Busting a move are, from left, Tasia Khemphomma, Tienna Hopper, Jonathan Harder Schrock and Nevaeh Ott. Pictured at back, Gavin Knutson. 


A SONG-ENDING pose by the second grade – because a little “dab” will do. At front, Xyla Dang-Teuboun, left and Jacob Lopez, right At back, Jose Venegas, left and Camille Blom, right.


A PROPER STANCE is struck by this pair of third grade students for the Christmas song, “O Come All Ye Faithful.” At left, Joseph Torres and at right, Elena Stade.


THE SECOND SELECTION presented by the third grade was sung in German and reflecting on Advent – “Ein Lichtlein Brennt.” Pictured above are, front, Julian Thongrasamy, left and Jason Wright, right; middle, Keanin Linscheid, left and Isabelle Penner, right and back, Logan Brugman, left and Kadyn Anderson, right. 


THE FIFTH GRADE band performed many holiday songs – all within one number – with “Winter Medley.” Carefully watching her music is clarinetist Serinadee Eiynk.


PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE – a brass and woodwind instrument “two”gether – is fifth grade student Sawyer Carrison.


DEEP BASS ON the tuba for the Sixth Grade Band’s numbers courtesy of Javonn Rodney. The band played “The Nutcracker” and “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.”


TRIO OF SIXTH grade clarinets. Front-to-back, Makayden Khounsanthone, Kaylani Inthamthirath and Joyce McCue.


THE SIXTH GRADE Choir performed about a special present in “The Gift.” Front, Julie Vilaiphone, left and Kayla Inthamthirath, right. Middle, Mareena Jepsen, left and Annika Brinkman, right. Back, Bathanie Lopez.


“WE JUST WANT to sing this class-y fugue for you. But I just keep sneezing and sneezing. And my partners coughing and wheezing and I don‘t think Bach wrote sneezes in this Fugue! I don’t think we’ll ever make it through this song without Kleenex cough drops and Nyquil. Hot tea and heat pad and Vicks and a doctor bill, and anyway, I think it’s much too long.” A parody by Ellen Foncannon of the trials and tribulations of trying to sing with a winter cold by the sixth grade found in the song, “Cold and Fugue Season.” Front, from left, Brayden Stewart, Elliot Rehnelt and Aiden Saelee. Middle, from left, Joey Fabr, Wyatt Bergling and Chase Anacker. Back, from left, Chase Radtke, Andres Vetsouvanh and Grant Regier.


“HARK! HEAR THE Bells!,” the first song by the fourth grade. Front, Lilly Youngwirth. Middle, Braxton Brown. Back, Aleena Vetsouvanh, left and Kelby Janzen, right.


STARS “LIKE DIAMONDS in the Night,” closed out the fourth grade section of the program. Performing above are, front, from left, Camron Keosaykham, Damaris Aguirre and Thorne Boldt. Middle, from left, Robert Speakers, Rieha Eiynk amd Melbin Felix Coronado. Back, from left, Julia Brinkman, Reagan Christians, Damian Aguirre and Emily Wilson.


FROM LEFT, LAYNE Wall, Jacey Klassen and Tanner Schultz perform, along with their fifth grade classmates, the selection “Ding Dong Merrily on High.”


THE SECOND – AND final – song by the fifth grade dealt with an annual holiday controversy – the “Ugly Sweater.” Braxton Tollefson, above, can’t even bear to face his own – interesting – Christmas sweater, complete with a bright and colorful Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, his antlers decorated with ornament and light bling.
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