Snow depth – 13 inches; Wind gusts – up to 45 miles per hour

Equals blizzard white-out conditions on Monday; Dig out from under on Tuesday

The blizzard warning lived up to its definitions on Monday, January 22. As a local total of 13 inches of snow fell, wind guests of up to 45 miles per hour at the height of the storm, along with consistent blowing wind in the upper 30s, white out conditions made travel an issue in an area that extended from Worthington east to Albert Lea and north to Mankato.

The Minnesota State Patrol (MSP) reported that from midnight Monday morning through Tuesday morning, they responded to at least 231 crashes statewide, over 400 spin-outs and 41 jack-knifed semis.

Area schools were closed Monday, during the storm and Tuesday, as residents worked to clear away the snowdrifts. As well, Tuesday’s sports events were canceled and rescheduled.

Fortunately, Friday’s forecast has temps rising to 39 degrees Fahrenheit heralding a melting snow puddle outbreak.

To check out snowfall totals across the area, clock on the following link and hover the cursor to get the numbers:


MONDAY’S HEAVY SNOWFALL, combined with strong wind gusts, created difficult driving and visibility conditions – even in town.


ONE HEARTY SOUL trudged through the snow-drifted driveway to make it to the plowed street.


SNOW CAN BE beautiful as well.












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