Sitting down to a Thanksgiving Feast

MLC kindergarten, first-grade students join forces to study the holiday



Kindergarten and first-grade students at Mountain Lake Christian (MLC) joined forces to celebrate a lunchtime Thanksgiving Feast today (Wednesday, November 22).

Prior to sitting down for a meal, reflected on the roles of the Native People and Pilgrims in connection with the first Thanksgiving gathering, and shared songs and thoughts with each other.

Teachers are Sheryl Fast, kindergarten and Rachel Knutson, first grade.


BRECKIN MEYER, LEFT, and David Moller, right, as a Pilgrim and Native American, shake hands as a greeting of welcome and a hopeful symbol of friendship. At back are Ian Meyer, left, and Joshua Onken, right.


THE IDEA OF upholding respect and cooperation between the differing cultures of the people involved in Thanksgiving extended to conversation around the table. Portraying the roles are Teagan Nowak, left and Emily Clerc, right.


THESE MLC STUDENTS have been learning about the relationship between the Wampanoag Native People, one of the many Nations, and the Europeans who sailed to this land, especially the Pilgrims.
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