New look coming for Cross-Counties Connect

Soon Cross-Counties Connect will be updating its website to provide better access for users across all platforms including tablets, mobile phones, and of course desktops/laptops.

This update will provide a number of new dynamic features which will assist in sizing the website appropriately for the device you are using. On our homepage the weather information will be positioned on the left side with recently-posted articles appearing in a list on the right. At the bottom of all pages will be the news feeds provided by KSTP, AgWeb and NBC News.

An additional feature will allow you to easily share stories you enjoyed with your social media friends. On the right of each story you will notice four social media services. Just click on the icon of your choice to share the story with all of your friends.

While viewing a story, weather access will be easily visible on the right side of the screen all the time or by expanding the menu on the right.

As always you can utilize the search feature on our website to search for any keywords by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper-right of each page.

In addition you can view our archives, which are located on the lower-right side of the homepage. The archives are broken down by the month in which the article was posted.

Here is sneak-preview of the new layout:

cross-counties connect updated layout
New website layout for Cross-Counties Connect. Please click on image to enlarge.
Cross-Counties Connect Story
Please click to enlarge image.
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