A fall fanfare

B-OPS Music Department presents Bands, Choirs concert


The Bands and Choirs of the Butterfield-Odin Public School (B-OPS) presented a fall fanfare concert on Thursday evening, October 12, in the school’s large gymnasium.

Director of Bands is Joshua Tonkin, with Sean Benz the Director of Choirs.

DIRECTOR OF CHOIRS Sean Benz, front center, leads the Butterfield-Odin Public High School’s Senior High Saints Choir in one of its vocal selections. Sharing a solo in the number, “Writings on the Wall” by Sam Smith, is Julie Saunders, front right. (Jill Saunders photo)
JOSHUA TONKIN’S SENIOR High Band in concert mode. Front, Kassandra Hagen on clarient, left and Madyson Heffele on flute, right. Middle, from left, saxophonists Abigail McDaniel, Jorge Herrera Vanessa Rodriguez and Danny Sanchez. Back, from left, Lukas Pierson on tuba, trombonist Seth Pierson and Devon Aguilar (somewhere behind the horn of the baritone). (Jill Saunders photo)
ADDING COLOR TO the Senior High Band’s instrumental number are, front, flutist Jennifer Perez; second row, saxophones Stephanie Kotten and Aracely Anaya; third row, trumpet player Alma Rodriguez and back, guitarist Micala Lowe. (Jill Saunders photo)
ALL EYES OF the Junior High Choir singers are on their director, Sean Benz. (Jill Saunders photo)
SEVENTH-GRADE STUDENT Lexia Sykes performs with a vocal solo during one of the Junior High Choir’s selections. (Jill Saunders photo)
JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR members in mid-song. Front, from left, Rayden Archibald, Kahsen Van Wyk, Chris Garza and William Benavente. Back, from left, Raesha Fast, Dylan Keldenich and Jaelyn Haler (Jill Saunders photo)
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