MLA Wolverine boys win Bruce Gluf Classic run; Girls sixth

Runck finishes in 2nd, Piotter and Blomgren 5th, 6th to pace boys


In a Saturday run – the Bruce Gluf Classic at Luverne, the Mountain Lake Area (MLA) Wolverine varsity boys cross country squad claimed the championship, topping the six-team field.

Complete teams running in both the boys and girls meets, in addition to MLA and host Luverne, included Martin,, County West (MCW), Beresford, South Dakota; Dell Rapids, South Dakota and Jackson County Central (JCC). Southwest Minnesota Christian and Garretson, South Dakota both ran incomplete in the pair of 5000-meter runs.

The MLA varsity boys went 2-5-6-17-18 for 48 team points, four ahead of second-place MCW’s 52 (3-7-13-14-15). The placings of the remaining four teams ran as follows – Beresford, 3rd with 64 (1-4-8-20-31); Luverne, 4th with 88 (9-10-16-25-28); Dell Rapids, 5th with 96 (11-12-22-24-27) and JCC, 6th with 159 (21, 33, 34, 35, 36).

Wolverine Nathan Runck finished the 5K in second with a time of 17:33.10. Winning the race was Beresford’s Alec Atwood with 16:49.90. The field sported 45 runners.

Dalton Piotter and Ryan Blomgren hit the chute in 5th, 6th for MLA. Piotter finished the course in 18:02.10, with Blomgren .06 back with a time of 18:06.00.

Two additional Wolverines finished in the top 20 in a photo finish. Emilio Garcia de la Cruz was 19th overall (17th for team points scoring) at 19:10.70 and Josiah Gardiner in at 20th (18th for team points scoring) with a time of 19:10.80.

The placings of the top five runners are used to tally the team score.

The remaining Wolverine boys runners finished as follows:

  • Emmanuel Fentanez – 29th, 20:24.00.
  • Phonesaveng “Bubba” Xayachak – 32nd, 20:53.40.
  • Logan Pankonin – 40th, 22:19.50.

The MLA girls were sixth with a compiled team score of 148 (9-32-34-36-37). Winning the meet was the home team of Luverne with 34 points (3-4-6-10-11).

Mercedes Saengosoth was the first Wolverine girl to finish, in at 12th overall (9th in team points scoring) with a time of 22:00.70. Beresford also laid claim to the first finisher in the girls run, Cait Savey with a time of 18:47.60. There were 52 total runners.

She was followed by:

  • Chloe Klassen – 42nd (32nd in team scoring), 25:04.70.
  • Olivia Klassen – 44th (34th in team scoring), 25:24.60.
  • Aura Spry – 48th (36th in team scoring), 27:08.00.
  • Summer Janzen – 49th (37th in team scoring), 28:15.80.
  • Jorja Lepp – 52nd, 29:33.30.


Junior Varsity Boys 4K Run Results
  • MLA ran incomplete with MCW winning with 31 points (2-4-6-8-11); 43 runners; winner was Luverne’s Jonah Friedrichsen with a time of 15:11.40.
  • Seth Klassen – 7th, 16:03.80.
  • Paxton Morin – 32nd, 18:35.90.
  • Brandon Louangsaphakdy, 35th, 19:00.20.
  • Daniel Gardiner, 42nd, 20:37.70.
Junior Varsity Girls 4K Run Results
  • MLA was 5th of 5 complete teams with 118 points (6-25-28-29-30) with Luverne winning with 21 points (1-2-3-4-11); 46 runners; winner was Tiana Lais of Luverne with 17:59.50.
  • Anika Fast, 7th overall (6th in team scoring), 19:15.60.
  • Alina Inthamthirath, 31st overall (25th in team scoring).
  • Elizabeth Linscheid, 38th overall (28th in team scoring), 23:54.60.
  • Kyla Perkiins, 39th overall (29th in team scoring), 24:13.80.
  • Amy Bartsch, 46th overall (30th in team scoring), 30:30.60.
Junior High Boys 3200-Meter Run Results
  • Wolverine boys were third of four complete teams with 67 points (4-8-15-19-21) with Luverne winning with 33 points (1-3-5-11-13); 51 runners; winner was Jamesson Forsberg of MCW at 12:12.00.
  • Caden Swoboda – 5th overall (4th in team scoring), 12:43.60.
  • Drayton Klassen – 11th overall (8th in team scoring), 13:23.50.
  • Ben Bartsch – 20th overall (15th in team scoring), 14:09.60.
  • Landon Boldt – 26th overall (19th in team scoring), 14:26.10.
  • Thavien Xayachak – 29th overall (21st in team scoring), 14:45.90.
  • Luke Klassen – 36th, 15:04.80.
  • Chad Suderman – 42nd, 15:48.60.
  • Ian Penner – 43rd, 15:52.30.
  • Mark Quiring – 48th, 19:17.00.
  • Aiden Penner – 49th, 19:30.40.
  • Landon Morin – 50th, 21:36.60.
Junior High Girls 3200-Meter Run Results
  • Wolverine girls were third of three complete teams with 46 points (2-5-6-16-17) with Beresford winning with 37 points (1-7-8-10-11); 29 runners; winner was Adyson Hansen of Beresford with 14:50.50.
  • Kate Janzen – 3rd overall (3rd in team scoring), 15:01.20.
  • Riley Schroeder – 9th overall (5th in team scoring), 15:52.30.
  • Sierra Perkins – 10th overall (6th in team scoring), 15:56.00.
  • Cyenna Voshage Hampel – 25th overall (16th in team scoring), 18:06.10.
  • Shyann Ober – 26th overall (17th in team scoring), 18:10.70.
  • Kaiya Sayavong – 27th, 20:21.60.
  • Isabella Louangthilath – 28th, 21:53.00.
  • Milana Ivashchenko -29th, 25:04.00.

Team coaches are Head Coach Kyle Blomgren and Assistant Coach Laura Penner.

The Wolverines run next on Thursday, September 14 at the Turkey Trot in Worthington, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

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