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Jacob Suess next author in 2016-2017 MLHS senior student editorial series

* The 2016-2017 senior student signature series features area senior class students – and their own “signature” outlooks on a topic of their choice. A new outlook will be posted on Cross-Counties Connect each Friday. The series opens with point of view comments by seniors from Mountain Lake Public High School (MLHS). The opinions can be found by clicking on the Family & Faith link on the website’s header, and scrolling down to, and clicking on, Outlook.  Their teachers are Brenda Feil, Kim Syverson and Debby Jass.

Death Penalty

Having the death penalty throughout the United States could reduce murder rates. Reducing murder rates could make criminals not want to kill others because of the fear they could receive the death penalty. The reason why some states have criminals executed is because of their wrong-doing of murdering innocent others. States that have the death penalty have lower murder rate than states who don’t have the death penalty.

There are only 32 states that have the death peanlty. Having hte death penalty doesn’t always seem the  best solution, but sometimes it is necessary to have the death penalty for wrongs people do, as in rape, murder, slaughter, etc. However, it’s not officially proven that having the death peanlty in those 32 states makes a difference in murder rates as compared to the other 28 states that don’t.

What is the death penalty really about? Is it just about taking lives of innocent people by accident? Of, is it necessary to take the life of a criminal? People and state governments are either against it, or for it, however, there are some in between. Therre are times when innocent people have been killed, including people who have been framed, but there are those that are executed for their wrongs.

In my opinion, the death penalty is needed for some criminals that deserve it. I know it’s not the best in the world, but when used, there are reasons. Not every state has it, but I think every state should have it – not just to eliminate criminals – but for a reason. Take a look at Texas. They have the highest rate for death penalty deaths, and murders in the state are not like they used to be.

Now the only way some get the death penalty is when they commit rape, murder, treason, terrorism, espionage, large-scale drug trafficking or attempting to kill a witness, juror or court officer. Having the death penalty in every state could make a difference in what way a would-be criminal would do; not do the severe crime, even to see if he or she could get away with it. That would have a big impact on would-be major criminals. It could decrease murder, rape, large-scale drug trafficking, terrorism, treason or espionage rates in every state. If it was up to me, I would push forward to having the death peanlty in all the states.

Also, by having it in every state, it could put an impact on the criminal’s mind to where they wouldn’t want to mess with any of it so he/she can live. Overall, it could help shape the nation into a better place with less fear and more happiness.

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