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Selvin Deleon-Lopez author of this 2017-2018 MLHS senior student editorial

+ The 2017-2018 senior student signature series features area senior class students – and their own “signature” outlooks on a topic of their choice. A new outlook will be posted on Cross-Counties Connect each Monday morning. The series opens with point of view comments by seniors from Mountain Lake Public High School (MLHS). The opinions can be found by clicking on the Family & Faith link on the website’s header, and scrolling down to, and clicking on, Outlook.  Their teachers are Brenda Feil, Kim Syverson and Kristin Pfeiffer.
The Influence of Video Games

Many gamers play countless hours of violent games, but are still nice and show no signs of violence or aggression. Violence and video games are two different things; video games do not influence someone to be more violent and aggressive. Juvenile crimes have actually decreased as sales of violent games have increased and games also help players release stress and anger.

First, video games do not cause someone to be more violent and aggressive. Plenty of people who play violent games are still very kind. Players know the difference between virtual violence in a game and how to behave in the real world. According to, research shows that playing violent games can induce the feeling of guilt that leads to increased pro-social behavior. Violent games have become more and more popular each day with tons of kids of all ages playing them; most of them do not have a change in aggression. Violence gets influenced by real-world actions, not a virtual game that is non-realistic and gives  multiple lives and chances to start over.

Second, also shows that while violent games are increasing, juvenile crimes have actually decreased. United States sales of video games increased 204% while violent video game sales have decreased 37%. Murders by juveniles working alone have decreased 76% in 2014 because video games help them with their urge of violence. The number of high school students who have been in at least one physical fight decreased from 43% to 25%. Violent video games can improve the activity of the right side of the brain, helping the person enhance his strategic thinking, memory, creativity, and problem-solving skill.

Finally, people who tend to be more aggressively violent can use video games to release stress and anger; 61.9% of boys play video games to help them relax. Many gamers use their anger to make themselves better at the game and get more wins; games serve as a substitution for rough-and-tough play. People can pick from a variety of violent games to release their stress; they may have a preference when trying to release stress.

Therefore, a majority of people who play video games will not become more violent and may even end up more agreeable. The research shows that most people who play violent games do not become more aggressive or violent. Violent games are not always a negative activity and they may end up being a good pastime because they can make kids more aware of what is violence.

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