‘Rise like a phoenix’

Theme for summer 2016 MLA Wolverine Volleyball Camp

“Rise like a Phoenix” – rising up to unsurpassed excellence.

Under that theme, Mountain Lake Area (MLA) Wolverine Head Coach Cheri Hanson, along with her Assistant Coaches Jaime Banks and Michelle Ott and Junior High Coach Staff, ran the summer 2016 MLA Wolverine Volleyball Camp this past week.

Campers came from grades five through 12, and were held in three sessions – grades 9-12 in the morning, with the afternoon broken into a pair of work-outs, first for grades 7-8, followed by practice for grades 5-6.

Below are photos of the camp attendees:



MLA vb camp 9-12 vollelyball
FRONT, FROM LEFT, Taylor Naas, Sophie Carrison, Jordan Boldt, Destiny “Tiny” Sybounheuan and Emily Jahnke. Middle, from left, Emilee Xayanourom, Janessa Johnson, Megan McCue, Jewel Soutthivong, Brook Sunderman, Jaden Hoek and Kalley Rempel. Back, from left, Anna Kirk, Jenneel Rodney, Saige Wall, Rylie Tollefson, Lexia Peters, Marta Stoesz and Margo Stoesz. Missing was Meredith Suess, however . . . (Cheri Hanson photo)



mla vb camp seniors
COACH OTT WAS able to catch a photo op of the seniors in their camp T-Shirts (Meredith Suess, too). From left, Emily Jahnke, Meredith Suess, Lexia Peters, Brook Sunderman, Jaden Hoek and Kalley Rempel. (Michelle Ott photo)



mla 7-8 vb camp
SEVENTH- AND EIGHTH-grade volleyball camp participants. Front, from left, Carly Osland, Sabrina Hanson, Anika Fast and Hope Doll. Middle, from left, Emilee Xayanourom, Bileigh Anacker, Annelise Regier and Baylee Jepsen. Back, from left, Delainey Janzen, Anna Kirk, Megan McCue and Kiana Peters. Missing are Eryn Friesen and Naly Sayavong.



mla 5-6 vb camp
FIFTH- AND SIXTH-grade MLA Wolverine Volleyball Camp participants. Front, from left, Jaci Tollefson, Riley Schroeder and Meghan Johnson. Middle, from left, Joyce McCue, Kaila Blom and Kearney Wall. Back, from left, Meesha Hoek, Alana Morey and Brooke Naas. Missing is Lydia Cavanaugh.


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