Country Pride Cooperative in Bingham Lake burglarized

Fertilizer blending office vandalized, computer television screen taken


Some time late last night (Monday night, November 27), or early this morning (Tuesday morning, November 28), the Country Pride Cooperative fertilizer blending office was vandalized. Employees noticed the burglarization and damage when opening for the day this morning at 7:30 a.m.

The person(s) gained entry by cutting plastic sliding doors.

Taken was a computer television screen, and destroyed were a pair of very expensive blending computers and monitors. In addition, a sticky pink liquid was spilled on a counter in the room, as well as the paperwork on it.

However, the manual fertilizer blending panel was undamaged, allowing employees to continue blending fertilizer manually.


THE PERSON(S) GAINED entrance to the Country Pride Cooperative fertilizer blending office in Bingham Lake by cutting these plastic sliding doors. (Kevin Jackson photo)


AN OVERVIEW LOOK at the fertilizer blending plant’s office with destruction of two computers and monitors and a copier. Taken was a computer television screen. (Kevin Jackson photo)


ADDITIONAL DESTRUCTION INSIDE the fertilizer blending office. (Kevin Jackson photo)


A DESTROYED COMPUTER monitor. (Kevin Jackson photo)


THE FERTILIZER BLENDING room is located where the two windows are seen in the center of the photo. (Country Pride Cooperative photo)
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