Lake Commission holds October meeting

Tackle agenda related to ongoing projects, lake, trail, beach, fishing pier



Members of the Lake Commission met Monday evening, October 9, in Mountain Lake City Hall.

The group tackled agenda items related to ongoing projects, the lake, the lake trail, beach and fishing pier, as well as heard from a constituent during Open Forum.

Project Update

+ Mountain Lake Golf Course Project – Lohrenz Construction of Mountain Lake has completed the sediment basin, except for grass seeding. The total cost for the project was $11,727.50, of which $7,200 will be requested from State Cost Share Funds.

+ Plunge Pool Project – Nickel Construction of Mountain Lake has repaired the storm sewer’s plunge pool. The City of Mountain Lake was cautioned to be careful to not hit the anchor bolts when employees are cleaning it out.

Mountain Lake

+ Lake Commission Chair Jason Kruser and Commission Member Jim Peterson will move the fishing pier to its winter location at the end of October.

+ The bills for the Invasive Species Grant must be submitted by Sunday, October 15.

+ Mountain Lake City Administrator/Clerk Wendy Meyer will renew the Invasive Species Grant permit.

+ City of Mountain Lake Streets/Parks employees have winterized the weed harvester.

+ Peterson has been in contact with Inland Weed Control, as well as with Doyle Janzen, concerning fixing the harvester’s black control box. The cost to have Inland bench test it would be $500, plus the cost of any needed repairs. A new box has a price tag of $675, plus postage. Lake Commission members made the decision to purchase a new box.

+ Lake Commission Member Dave Bucklin has sprayed the poison ivy area surrounding the aerator.

+ Chair Kruser will send in the application for the aeration permit this week.

Mountain Lake Trail

+ Kruser will contact Bargen Inc. of Mountain Lake to get an estimate for crack-filling.


+ Mountain Lake Public High School Ag Teacher Stephen Funk and his students will not be able to construct the pergola for the beach until spring. Administrator Meyer has notified the Mountain Lake Lions Club and the Mountain Lake Area Foundation about the delay.

Fishing Pier

+ Kruser will find out if there are specific bench plans for the fishing pier, and then, possibly, the city’s Streets/Parks crew can build it during the winter.

Open Forum

+ Rachel Yoder, who lives near Mountain Lake, shared the following during Open Forum:

  • That the tree trimming completed during the summer went beyond the north and south boundaries, and that the debris should have been removed.
  • That she recommends planting grass on the shoulders of the trail.
  • That she wants to stay in the loop about fixing drainage problems at the end of the Yoders’ driveway.
  • That she has requested a map of the area to be transferred to the City of Mountain Lake.
  • That she has requested that no benches be placed on their property.
  • That she has placed a “Pitch In – Pack Out – Thank You” receptacle close the dam.

Fishing Pier: 
Jason K. will find out if there are specific bench plans for the fishing pier and 
then, possibly, the City Crew could build it during the winter. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.   
Respectfully submitted, 
Jean Haberman,  
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