Getting Mountain Lake moving

Active Living Committee wants residents’ input



The Mountain Lake Active Living Committee wants to get Mountain Lake moving – and they want residents’ input.

A city-wide Active Living Plan was created for Mountain Lake in 2015 to identify projects to encourage walking and biking within the city limits, along with making active living accessible for everyone.

In order to help them make you move, the committee is requesting responses to several questions.

  1. What group classes/activities would you be interested in attending if it was offered AND equipment was provided? (Please note all that are of interest to you):

+ Yoga classes (beginning/advanced).

+ Pickleball.

+ Broomball.

+ Tai Ji Quan classes (helps prevent falls).

+ Group Fitness classes (boot camp classes, step aerobics, spin cycling classes, etc.)

+ Walking Group.

+ Biking Group.

+ Running Group.

+ Ice Skating.

+ Cross Country Skiing.

+ Gentle Stretching classes.

+ Open Tennis League.

+ Disc Golf League.

+ Sledding.

+ Sand Volleyball.

+ Adult Indoor Volleyball.

+ Adult Slow Pitch Softball.

+ Horsehoes.

+ Any other suggestions.

2. What time of day would work best for you to attend an activity and/or class?

3. Other thoughts on physical activity options.

E-mail your answers to Amber Hughes of Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services at:

The Mountain Lake Active Living Committee is additionally looking for community members to help. The committee meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Mountain Lake City Hall.

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