Owl Cam

Cross-Counties Connect now has a companion to “Eagle Cam” – termed “Owl Cam”. These live web streaming cameras are from the Houston (Minnesota) Nature Center, run by Karla Bloem.

Featured are a pair of Great Horned Owls – Rusty and Iris. They are wild owls that live in Bloem’s backyard aviary. They are part of a breeding project, as well as a research study of the sounds they make.  Rusty and Iris are a research project of the International Owl Center (they are not technically part of the Houston Nature Center.)

Rusty was hit by a car and is blind in his right eye, and Iris’s right eye was punctured, leaving her blind in her right eye also.

The 24/7 video stream, featuring two camera angles, allows viewers from anywhere around the world become a part of the owls’ lives. Their website also provides the ability to allow users to donate to the owl’s research, care and live streaming capabilities.

Below are the two primary streams from the nature center. Please remember to visit their site and don’t forget to donate if possible.


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